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The Magician returns to club scenewith new Kideko collaboration ‘Jalisco’

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The Magician has served up his piping-hot new single, ‘Jalisco’, an ultimate club anthem in collaboration with UK based DJ and producer, Kideko.

Taking you on a euphoric journey, ‘Jalisco’ has been created from a Mexican trumpet, which soon transforms into a big brass drop that takes the listener back to the 90’s rave parties which The Magician grew up with during his youth.

“Jalisco was created from a Mexican mariachi trumpet sample,” adds The Magician. “We know Mariachi comes originally from Jalisco state in Mexico, so that is why we called it like that. The big brass drop sequence reminds me hard-core/rave in late 90’s in Belgium but pitched down. Then Kideko got that little vox sample out of his hat.”

After a full year of urban pop releases, including ‘Build a Fire’, as well as ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘Love Break., ‘Jalisco’ is an irresistible return to the club scene from The Magician, giving party animals the perfect excuse hit dance floors worldwide...

Stream ‘Jalisco’ Here

The Magician Tour Dates:

Nov 1st - Concourse, Philadelphia
Nov 2nd - Output, New York
Nov 3rd - Prysm, Chicago
Nov 8th - Beta, Denver
Nov 9th - Exchange, Los Angeles
Nov 10th - Ironwood Hall, Austin
Nov 11th - Audio, San Francisco

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