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Gareth Emery’s CVNT5, the show everyone tried to ban, finally makes it to the air on Verizon’s Go90 platform.

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This week, Gareth Emery released all 8 episodes of his long-awaited and controversial TV show ‘We Are CVNT5’, a mockumentary featuring the antics of the world’s self-proclaimed biggest DJs, CVNT5.

According to Emery, getting the show on the air was one of the biggest challenges of his career.

He said: “Dance music isn’t a place you’re usually allowed to laugh at anyone. We’ve had numerous legal struggles where people tried to ban the show and get it taken off the air - it’s a miracle it’s finally been released”.

Describing the show, Emery said “CVNT5 started out as a bit of fun, until Verizon gave us $2.5m to make it into a real TV show. It’s basically ‘The Office’ set in dance music. Much of it is based on my own real experiences and real people. I doubt it’ll be on the air beyond a few months so enjoy it whilst it lasts!”.

Directed by Emmy-nominated director Matt Enlow and created by Emery along with his sister Roxanne, ‘We Are CVNT5’, is available for binge-watching on  Go90.com, for now, free of charge for viewers based in the USA.

We Are CVNT5 (Official Trailer)

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